When did the Aboriginal people arrive in Australia?

The indigenous people of Australia are Aborigines. They have been present on this beautiful continent for a long time. Aborigines created large communities. They have developed their power structures. Aboriginal culture is also known all over the world. It is worth getting to know her better.

Who are the Aborigines

Aborigines are indigenous to Australia. They led a nomadic lifestyle. Each time food supplies ran out in the area; they continued on their way. They travelled vast stretches of land carrying their customs, legends, and songs. It is to them that we owe one of the oldest instruments in the world - the Didgeridoo. It is a pipe-shaped wind instrument. Many artists who create folk music still use this instrument.

Another important aspect of Aboriginal life is building the local community. Importantly, for Aborigines, blood ties are not the most important thing. The community is made up of people with different degrees of kinship. Members of an aboriginal community are not always members of one family. Some Aborigines still live according to tradition.

When did the Aboriginal population come to Australia

It is difficult to say unequivocally when did the Aboriginals come to Australia. Their journey was very long. They probably came from Southeast Asia. The appearance of the Aborigines in Australia dates from 125,000 to 50,000 years ago. Much later, they reached Tasmania.

Aborigines developed their power structures. However, it is not easy to time their development. Art was also very strongly developed in the Aboriginal tribes. It was based on word of mouth. Numerous rock paintings were created. Today they are an inspiration for artists. On this basis, beautiful paintings and decorations are created. Aborigines also developed folk music. The Didgeridoo - their traditional instrument - was used at least 1,500 years ago. This instrument is made of a eucalyptus trunk. Trees eaten from the inside by termites are specially selected. Thanks to this, the inside of the trunk is empty, and it is enough to model it properly.

Contemporary Aborigines

In the 18th century, the white colonizers reached Australia. It was then that the white people met the Aborigines for the first time. Since then, the Aborigines have been pushed inland. They quickly ran out of food. Many Aborigines began to suffer from diseases they did not know before. Numerous conflicts also broke out between the settlers and the native population of Australia. By the 20th century, Aboriginal numbers had sharply declined.

Aborigines live throughout Australia. Rich aboriginal culture is appreciated in many places. Legends passed down from generation to generation have also survived to this day. Today, everyone can have the pleasure of encountering Aboriginal history and art.

Thanks to the aborigines, we have access to the great art of ancient Australia. It is worth learning about the history and legends of these people.

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