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Website Issues! Contact us if you have any problems - Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia
Website Issues! Contact us if you have any problems - Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia

Add a Picture Frame

Raintree Art now offers custom picture framing to go with all artwork offered at our gallery. Elevate your purchase of our fantastic aboriginal art with a range of picture framing options

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aboriginal canvas painting with floating frame

Adding a Frame to Enhance & Protect Your Artwork

Guaranteeing the quality and shelf-life of each and every piece of artwork on offer, Raintree Art have partnered with a national picture framing company. Rather than receiving your order in a carton tube, it will be framed by an experienced professional from a reputable nationwide framing company and delivered in a VIP picture frame service that includes hanging as an option at a small extra cost if you like.

Utilising the services of Australia’s foremost photo and art framing company, the Raintree Art gallery now offers a range of professional picture frames to go with our paintings from standard canvas stretching to a variety of floating frames including the stunning Tasmanian Oak frame. Secure and hang your Raintree Art purchase today with a carefully crafted frame.

aboriginal art work

The Benefits of Framing

Adding a picture frame to your artwork will enhance, compliment and will connect it to the existing design at your place. Whether its modern, contemporary or a more traditional design the picture frame is the way to create the perfect connection between the room environment and the artwork.

The practice of professional framing offers a range of benefits, protecting your artwork against unnecessary damage and deterioration. Professional picture framers employ great care in the application of refined techniques designed to maintain the highest level of quality and protection for each piece of art.

Framing provides sound protection of the artwork for a prolonged period of time, ensuring that it remains intact and safe. This process works to significantly reduce the chance of an item becoming wrinkled, cracked, bent or spoiled.

ü    Art Gallery Quality

All our picture frames are made at an art gallery quality standard from quality materials used by highly experienced professional picture framers with great attention for details.

ü    Frame of Your Choice 

Once you have found that perfect piece of artwork, add to your purchase the frame of your choice to match and complete!

ü    Delivery to Australia’s Largest Cities

Raintree Art offers delivery to Australia’s largest cities, including metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

ü    Hanging Service

Once delivered, we also offer an optional art hanging service to customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Canvas Stretching

Highly desired within the art industry, canvas stretching works to preserve and prepare each piece of artwork for the purpose of framing. Unfortunately this process can typically prove to be quite expensive. At Raintree Art however, custom canvas stretching is provided at an affordable cost, offering a true professional touch to all artwork purchased from the Raintree Art gallery.

Floating Frames

For all canvas based pictures and paintings, the option for a floating frame is also on offer. A floating frame can serve to create the illusion that the canvas is floating inside the frame, generating a remarkable visual effect. Floating frames provide a perfect means to take your purchased artwork to the next level. Amaze your house guests with a floating image of some of Australia’s foremost aboriginal artwork!

Canvas Stretching

Choosing Your Floating Frame

Once you have decided to add a floating frame, it is now time to choose the right frame for you. We offer a selection of frame colours from white, black to the sturdy and stunning Tasmanian Oak based frame which has proven to blend seamlessly with the many vibrant colours and patterns of our artwork. The choice is completely upto you!

Floating frames provide an exciting opportunity to accentuate the true beauty encapsulated in the art. With the illusion of floating, more depth is added, culminating in a visual marvel that will really stand out once fixture on the wall of your home or business.

white floating frame

White Floating Frame

black floating frame

Black Floating Frame

TAS Oak floating frame

TAS Oak Floating Frame

* Photos are illustrations of the frames and the real frames may differ in colour, shade and texture.


In partnership with national picture frame company, the Raintree Art Gallery delivers Australia wide, including many of Australia’s largest cities. Once delivered, the friendly professionals of picture frame company also offer an excellent hanging service, allowing you to add your new piece of framed Aboriginal artwork to wherever you please!