What do the colours of the aboriginal flag represent?

Surely many of you have already heard of the Aborigines. These people have a very rich tradition. Aborigines have been creating their own culture and communities for centuries. In modern Australia, they even have their flag. Find out below who these people are and what the Aboriginal flag's colours represent.

The Indigenous people of Australia

Aborigines came to Australia via Asia, probably about 125,000 or 50,000 years ago. First, Aborigines led a nomadic lifestyle. They constantly needed to search for food. Many of them lived as hunters. Of course, their lifestyle has changed over the years.

Aborigines are known for their legends. All these stories were passed on from generation to generation. Art is also an important element of the Aboriginal tradition. Many contemporary artists are inspired by their paintings or music. Aborigines even have their traditional instrument. It is a pipe-shaped wind instrument.

Social ties are very important to Aborigines. Members of their local communities are very close to each other. They live together and support each other. They are modern people, but at the same time focused on their tradition. Aboriginal children listen to old legends to this day.

The Colors of the aboriginal flag

The Aboriginal flag was created in the 1970s. Harold Thomas designed it. This is an Aboriginal artist who wanted to pay tribute to her ancestors. The Aboriginal flag is divided into two parts. The colour of the upper band is black, and the lower band is red. There is a yellow circle in the middle.

Each element on the Aboriginal flag has its meaning. The black belt refers to the Aborigines themselves. These people are characterized by dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. The red stripe refers to the land of Australia. It is supposed to be associated with red-brown rock weathering, called ocher. Aborigines use ocher in many traditional ceremonies. The yellow circle in the centre of the Aboriginal flag symbolizes the sun.

The colours of this flag contain not only elements of Aboriginal culture. They also relate to Aboriginal beliefs. Like many such peoples, the Aborigines were closely related to nature. The most important thing for them is the land they worship. Aboriginal beliefs also apply to fauna, flora, and celestial bodies.

Has the Aboriginal flag been officially recognized?

The culture of Aborigines is appreciated in modern Australia. Aboriginal paintings and music inspire many artists. Tourists in Australia are also interested in learning about local Aboriginal customs. Even the Australian government is taking action on behalf of the Aborigines. One of such actions was the recognition of the Aboriginal flag. It has been officially one of the symbols of Australia since 1995.

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