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Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia
Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia

Hand Painted Items

Selection of hand painted decorations

Raintree Art offers a selection of various, hand painted by Aboriginal artists gifts and souvenirs. If you like high quality, unique decorations, you are in the right place. Those artworks are made with attention to every detail, and you can find here true jewels that will give unique character to your interior like for example Leather Sherrin Football painted by hand by Jilary Lynch at the Keringke Arts centre or beautiful ukulele hand painted by Bridget Wallace.

Pretty things in many shapes and colours

We offer decorations in many colours, sizes, and shapes. Each item is unique, made with great precision, hand-painted by a different artist. Decorations are made of wood, acrylic, and leather. Here you will find decorations in the shape of Australian animals, stars and hand painted footballs or ukuleles. Regardless of whether you hang them on the wall, put them on a windowsill or on shelves, you can be sure that they will be a beautiful decoration of your home. It is also a perfect gift idea for a loved one.