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Aussie Desert Dog - Alister


Size: height 12cm Nose to tail: 19cm

Alistair is the biggest dog in Yuendumu.  He is really gentle and his family think he is a ‘sooky la la’.

Warlukurlangu Artists have produced a selection of metal dogs for sale, each one based on a resident Yuendumu desert dog. After a template has been produced of a particular dog, inmates at Alice Springs prison then cut the shapes to size, varying from small, medium to large. The shapes are then collected and delivered to the art centre, where they are gently bent into standing pose, primed and finally individually hand painted by Warlukurlangu artists.  Proceeds go to Aussie Desert Dogs an organisation run by Gloria Morales to care for the animals living in Yuendumu.  You can read more about them at