How to beautifully decorate a small studio apartment

Decorating a small studio apartment is likely to be one of the most difficult tasks you will undertake. This is difficult because one room must serve multiple functions, including a functional bedroom, living area, and dining room. However, just because something is tough does not mean it will not be enjoyable. On the contrary, we decorate our interiors to make them lovely and enjoyable to be around. How should a small studio apartment be decorated to pass this rigorous planning exam? Due to its tiny size, the area should not be cluttered to arrange the studio apartment pleasantly and effectively. As a result, moderation is recommended.

The atmosphere will become overwhelming and disorganised if there are too many decorations. There are, however, options for small interiors that optically extend the space while also giving it expression and a good appearance. Like any other apartment, a small studio apartment must have five essential zones: a hallway, a kitchen, a dining room, a sitting space, and a bathroom. Even though it must perform multiple functions simultaneously, limited space cannot separate these zones.

Instead of splitting, connect gaps. Give up walls, partitions, or room screens to create the illusion of a larger interior in a studio apartment. A small studio apartment will become more translucent and open without them. Furthermore, the sensation of vastness is strengthened by homogeneous white walls and furnishings, which optically enlarge the apartment, but strong colours can be used in accessories to make the space inviting. You'll discover some decorating ideas for a small studio apartment below.

The hallway in a studio apartment – the meeting place of your space

In a small studio apartment, the function of a hall must be fulfilled by a small space right next to the entrance door. Apart from a coat hanger and a shoe chest of drawers, you can opt for a large mirror, painting, or graphics on the wall in light colours. Aboriginal art is great here because it is full of cheerful colours and depth. It is important to keep minimalism in the hall. One vertical mirror or a medium-sized painting or print will be fine.

The kitchen in a studio apartment – where friends are made and kept

The kitchen in a studio apartment is usually a kitchenette, combining a dining room's function. Usually, in the kitchen, studio apartments have white or very light furniture to enlarge it visually. Therefore, to avoid the hospital effect, choose strong kitchen accessories that will warm the interior. For example, colourful bamboo bowls featuring aboriginal art can hold fruit, salad servers, or colourful table runners for your table or kitchen island. You can also bet on teapots, teacups, sugar bowls, and salt and pepper shakers - all in one pattern. These are small things that can dramatically transform the feeling of the interior.

The important role of the seating area in a studio apartment

As it has already been written, the living room in the studio apartment is a chameleon interior - sometimes it has to be a living room, sometimes an office, sometimes a bedroom. And it is subject to such changes every day. This is the most representative part of the studio, so take special care of it. So how to decorate a small studio apartment to make it functional for you and a nice place to spend time: relaxing, receiving guests, or working. In the living room, accessories can work wonders. A single painting, print, or photo on an empty wall is a classic solution that can optically enlarge the interior - it is enough to hang the pictures from the floor to the ceiling. At the Raintree Art store, you can choose from over 300 unique paintings featuring Aboriginal art from 17 different artists.

You can decorate a one-colour sofa with patterned cushions and put a cotton throw rug on the floor in the same pattern as the pillows. Apart from giving the interior a warm and thoughtful look, it is also nice to have a pleasant-to-touch material under your feet. In addition, to give your living room a home look, use accessories such as table lamps, hand-painted decorations or candles, which create an inviting atmosphere, and their warm light has a pleasant effect on the atmosphere in the room. Glass vases and metal accessories will introduce an interesting play of light into the interior. Hang translucent or translucent curtains on the window - they must not completely block the flow of light, as this will reduce the space. Plants are another proven element of interior decoration. They give the interior a cozy atmosphere. You can choose pots for them in colours that match your interior. In addition, plants look beautiful, have calming properties, and positively affect our state of mind. These little tips on how to decorate a small studio apartment show it can be really fun.

How to decorate the bathroom in a studio apartment

The bathroom in a studio apartment is subject to the same rules as any other bathroom. Usually, it is a small bathroom where you need to fit a wash basin with a cupboard, a shower or a bathtub, a toilet, and sometimes a washing machine. So, you need to carefully consider both the selection of appropriate equipment and their arrangement. If you have such an opportunity to arrange a bathroom, choose compact sanitary ceramics - there are both a series of washbasins and smaller shells available on the market. They provide comfort but take up a little less space. Choose a toilet and a suspended washbasin. Your floor will be easier to clean, and the bathroom will visually increase in size. When it comes to decorations, accessories such as a beautiful soap container or a toothbrush cup are important in the bathroom. If you have a wall that is not tiled, an image in colour matching the tiles will be perfect for it. A bathroom is also a great place for Soy wax candles - clean-burning natural candle wax made from sustainable resources. Their pleasant scent promotes relaxation while bathing, gives beautiful light and beautifies the bathroom's interior.

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