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Before you start decorating your wall…

Are completely empty and expressionless walls your nightmare? Would you like your wall to emphasize the character of the interior and decorate it, but you have no idea how to do it? You have nothing to worry about because new opportunities are just opening for you! Arranging an empty wall in the living room, dining room, hall or bedroom is not that difficult. On the contrary, it can be great fun for you and an opportunity to realize your creative visions. However, this should be considered first - you need to consider what interior design style is in your home and what wall decoration will best match the interior design in your home. Once you've established it, it will be much easier for you to find your own idea on how to decorate a wall. Interior walls usually occupy the largest area. That is why it is worth considering how to decorate them effectively, practically, and originally.

How to decorate a wall in the living room?

The life of the household members is concentrated in the living room. Therefore, this room should be comfortable and cosy enough to facilitate spending time together and presentable enough to impress the guests. However, the arrangement of this room is demanding. The success lies not only in the selection of appropriate furniture and accessories, but also in non-standard and emphasizing the chosen style of interior arrangement. When arranging a living room, we usually focus on furniture and accessories, and treat the walls as a neutral background. What if the proportions were reversed and more attention was paid to the walls? It is worth trying, because in themselves they can be an original decorative element. A minor renovation of vertical surfaces can also refresh the appearance of a room without the need for expensive renovation. It is not necessary to arrange all the walls anew - in interior design, the idea of an accent wall, finished in a completely different way than the others, is experiencing a renaissance. A fashionable wall in the living room shows the personality and taste of the apartment owners and adds style and character to the room.

The simplest, but also probably one of the most interesting ideas on how to decorate a wall in the living room are posters, prints and paintings. We can choose different solutions here - two large posters in simple frames suspended above the sofa will create a classic and elegant composition. A large painting placed above the fireplace will attract art connoisseurs. You will surely find an interesting specimen that will fit perfectly into your arrangement. Do you want to know the secret of interior designers? This is a solution for the brave. Try to combine various and seemingly completely incompatible elements on one wall - the effect will exceed your wildest expectations.

A single painting or a photo on an empty wall is a classic solution, but too banal for some. However, they can be creatively processed. An image or a photograph enlarged to the maximum size will undoubtedly make an impression on the guests. An interesting alternative is the home art gallery, that is, many paintings and photographs on one wall, in this case, however, you should remember about the principle "less is more". In practice, it means that the more fanciful an image is chosen, the less decorative the frame should be chosen for it. The advantage of this solution is also the possibility of optically enlarging the interior - it is enough to hang the pictures from the floor to the ceiling.

Raintree Art is an answer for the question how to decorate a wall. You can choose from over 300 unique paintings featuring Aboriginal art. There you will find a painting in every colour and size - from small to extra-large, which can decorate the entire wall of your living room. When buying a painting on Raintree Art you can also choose one of three available frames so it can be shipped to you already framed. You do not have to be an art connoisseur to create this kind of "gallery" at home - you can choose modern and classic paintings and photos, created in various painting techniques, on other materials and with a unique finish. At Raintree Art, you'll find works by 17 different artists, each with their own unique style. However, if you prefer prints, you will find a lot of them on Raintree Art - you can choose the format that suits you best: A5, A4 or A3, or combine all the formats on one wall, which is a very modern solution.

How to decorate a wall in a bedroom?

The wall behind the bed in the bedroom offers great arrangement possibilities. It is the focal point in the interior, so it is worth exposing it and distinguishing it to give the interior a unique character. The bedroom is an extremely important room. A kind of oasis of peace. This is where we rest and relax. The way the interior is decorated and finished influences our mood and well-being. So, how to decorate a wall to allow us to enjoy an interior in which we will be happy to rest after a hard day? How to decorate the walls in the bedroom to feel comfortable and pleasant in it? There are many possibilities. It is worth highlighting, above all, the wall behind the bed, it is mainly it that gives the interior a general expression and determines its character. We can arrange it in many ways. It all depends on our imagination, taste, and idea for the interior, as well as what effect and atmosphere in the bedroom we want to achieve. It is important that the wall finish matches the style of the interior and fits well with the furniture and the rest of the bedroom equipment. The original idea is a pattern of ceramic tiles, such as you can find in Raintree Art in the Gifts & Souvenirs tab under the Raintree Collection. Arranging a horizontal pattern above the bed of such tiles will make the interior look very original, and at the same time there will be no overflow effect. If you thought so far that ceramic tiles can only decorate the wall in the bathroom, the ones from Raintree Art featuring aboriginal art will prove to you that they will work just as well in the bedroom.

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