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Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia
Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia

Parrying Shield - Mick Harding


Parrying Malgarr with Gaan the Cockatoo Design.   

Traditionally malgarr ( shields ) were used with liyangayil
( fighting clubs) for hand to hand combat with our enemies. 
I have replicated the shape of these shields in my artwork.

Gaan the White Cockatoo is one of Bundjil the Wedge Tailed Eagle, our Creation Spirits', special men.  Gaan helped Bundjil to create the mountains and the rivers, man, woman and all the animals.  Bundjil taught his special men to make weapons, how to fight with them, and how to behave with one another.  When Bundjil had finished, Gaan and the other special men were blown to the stars by Bellum Bellum the Musk Crow.

Hand crafted in Australia from Australian Red Cedar timber.

All artifacts come with an information card. 
The card has information about the artist, artifact and design. 
All designs are based on traditional symbols from South East Australia.

Size: Small Wide PMSW

Measurements: 60cm L x 18cm W x 2cm Deep 
Please note: Due to these items being handmade, these
measurements are approximate only.

Shields come with a hanger attached to the back ( see photo )
to make for easy hanging on your wall.