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Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia
Free Shipping On Paintings Over $100 Within Australia

Premium Wild Harvested Paperbark Sheets 250G


Harvesting for all of our paperbark is done by hand, which means that every piece of bark is assessed for quality before it gets to you. Paperbark naturally varies in colour and texture and every so often we come across an exceptional piece of bark that we think is too beautiful not to appreciate. 

Premium sheets of paperbark have something very special and unique about them. Put a piece of paperbark in a frame to make a unique, naturally coloured wall picture. A great gift idea for someone who is hard to buy for. 

Of course they can be used to cook with to impart a smokey flavor to foods such as fish and vegetables. 

Aboriginals used sheets of paperbark as a canvas to create some of their artworks. 

Produce of Australia Not for Consumption 250g (approx) 220mm x 320mm (approx) 

Cannot be imported into Western Australia, Tasmania or the United States of America