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6 Pack Christmas Baubles Yarliyil


Royalties from this product directly benefit the artists and their community.

Christmas decorations come gift boxed so after you have packed up your tree they can be safely returned to the box for storage till next year.

6 Pack Christmas Baubles featuring artwork reproduced under license from Yarliyil Art Centre. 

Yarliyil Art Centre, Halls Creek is located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Yarliyil Artists work across a range of styles and mediums, representing the rich culture of the land, its history & the people. The main language groups of Yarliyil Artists are Jaru, Kidja & Walmajarri.

6 x Christmas Baubles
Size: 8cm
Material: Foam, Paper, Epoxy Glue.
Silver Ribbon
Gift Boxed
Information about artist and artwork on the inside of the box lid.